Bright OpenStack makes it easy to deploy, manage, and operate your own cloud infrastructure. It provides headache-free deployment on bare metal, advanced monitoring and management tools, and dynamic health-checking, all in one powerful, intuitive package.

The OpenStack Challenge

OpenStack is a powerful framework for building clouds, but it can be a challenge to get up and running, and to keep it running efficiently.  If you’re responsible for deploying, provisioning, updating, managing, monitoring, and securing the cloud, you’ve got a lot to take care of.  What makes it hard is the interdependency between hardware and software, dealing with hardware failures, and keeping up with the constant demand for changes. If you miss a beat, the consequences can mean delays, and downtime.


Turnkey deployment of OpenStack private clouds

  • Wizard-guided deployment starts at bare metal
  • Deploys compute, storage, network & other services
  • Deploy physical and/or virtual resources (including VMs)

Simplifies use of OpenStack private clouds

  • Intuitive GUI eases management of users, tenants & instances
  • Object-based roles explicitly capture inherent complexity
  • Monitor, health check and manage all resources – servers, devices, etc.

Future-proofed investment in OpenStack private clouds

  • Best-of-breed management solution for vanilla OpenStack
  • Proven capability for customization through integration
  • Maintained from bare metal through OpenStack using proven process

How It Works

Bright Computing has been providing management solutions for clustered systems for many years, and we’ve brought that experience to OpenStack management. Bright lets you administer the cloud as a single entity, provisioning the hardware, operating system, and cloud framework from a single interface. This makes it easier to build a robust cloud, reliably, with the resources you already have. Once your cloud is up and running, our daemon keeps an eye on virtually every aspect of every node, and reports any problems it detects in the software or the hardware so that you can take action and keep your cloud healthy. The Bright management interface lets you see what’s going on in your cloud.


The Bright installation wizard makes it easy. Just answer a few questions about your cloud and Bright takes care of the rest.


Can Install on Bare Metal

With Bright there is nothing to pre-install. You can start with bare metal servers, and we will install and configure everything you need. The installation wizard makes it easy.


Configure OpenStack using Role Assignments

Bright Cluster Manager creates configuration files automatically using Bright roles, so you won’t have to manage configuration files manually.


Integrated Monitoring and Health Checking

Bright Cluster Manager keeps an eye on the OpenStack software, the servers, the network, and the operating system so you can rest assured your cloud is running as it should.


Headache-free Networking Setup

Bright cuts through the complexity of OpenStack networking setup so you can have a working configuration on the first try.


Manage Storage Using Ceph

Ceph allows you to pool all of your server storage into a reliable redundant storage system. This enables you to scale with ease, and replace hardware without disruption.


“As a systems integrator of open, modular IT infrastructure solutions, it’s important that we implement high-quality feature-rich solutions to help our customers succeed. We’ve deployed Bright software on many projects over the years, and are thrilled that we can now add Bright OpenStack to our portfolio.”

-Sue Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer at Silicon Mechanics



Explores OpenStack’s market penetration and some of the key drivers for technology adoption.  Also outlines selected use cases, and provides insight on some key OpenStack components — Nova and Neutron.